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Middletown & West Chester Kids Martial Arts, Now In-Person Classes!

The Tri-States Largest Olympic Martial Arts Competition Team in Middletown & West Chester

We are home to over 450 National Medalists of all ages and ranks that compete in Weapons, Forms, Breaking and Sparring conveniently located in Middletown & West Chester! Unlock your child’s full potential and train with the best athletes and coaches in the region!

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Next Level Martial Arts For Every Member Of The Family!

Martial arts is not just self defense. It’s a tool we use to help kids become leaders. Hundreds of Middletown & West Chester parents can’t believe the incredible transformation seen in our National level athletes

4-Time AAU Nationals Top 20 School

Even though Martial Arts is an individual sport, we are a team. A team of athletes and coaches who are dedicated to putting your child on a winning platform and on track to winning in life, for life. This is why Parents LOVE our Kids Competition Team Program here in Middletown & West Chester.

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Prepares Your Child For Success In Life.

Kids who train martial arts have a higher success rate in school. Why? Discipline, focus, goal setting, and drive. Martial arts instills these incredible traits in your child, every time they come. Our Competition Team uses these traits to be successful at the National level

That’s what makes our Middletown & West Chester Competition Team Classes so Powerful.

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